Serving the Needs of Charities

Today there are more than 1.8 million charities in the United States. And 98% have no formal planned giving program.

Few are equipped to handle the  more complicated gifts often discussed in planned giving.  And few have the  money and staff time necessary to start a planned giving program.

Lending a helping hand

Most of the charities we know and serve are working hard at their core mission. They often don’t have the resources and expertise to put together the essential elements of a successful planned giving department; that’s where we come in.

Helping charities do what they do best

Our passion is to help charities concentrate on carrying out their core mission without the daily concerns of funding. We help them learn how to solicit, attract and tap into larger funding sources through tax-exempt planning. With our help, they can do this without incurring huge staffing and operational costs.

Doing the planned giving heavy lifting

Planned giving is what we do best. We know the tax and legal landscape, have developed and trained on a broad range of tax-exempt planning topics and strategies, and have the regional and national networks of professional advisors needed to effectively accomplish our mission. We’re ready to help support your charity with turnkey
resources like:

  • Marketing Tools
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Workshops, Training and Seminars
  • Professional Advisor with Charitable Expertise
  • Staff Training and Consultation

Open up the world of planned giving to your charity

Contact us today to speak with someone who is both knowledgeable and passionate about helping charities escape the rut of fundraising and begin a successful planned giving program. You can call us directly at 909-625-4511 or contact us via email.

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“The act of philanthropy is a spiritual act, an expression of caring for one's fellow human beings. It is a belief in the future and that the future can be good. It is investing in that future. It is helping to make the dream come true.”
—Arthur Frantzreb

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